eEG7 Plenary

The eEG7 Plenary is the decision making body and is composed of all eEG7 members.
  Repository Maintenance group

The Repository Maintenance group is a permanent working group. Its role is to check that the material produced by temporary projects and/or by external standardisation projects is of a sufficient high standard and quality to meet the criteria for inclusion in the eEG7 Repository. If so, the material is added to the repository.
  Promotion group

The Promotion group is a permanent working group responsible for the maintenance the eEG7 web site. In addition the Promotion group produces other promotional material such as presentations regarding eEG7 and its projects.
  Project groups

Ad hoc project groups are set-up and disbanded by the eEG7 plenary meeting as required in order to realise a well-defined mission, particularly projects relate to insurance. Currently there are three project groups named on the relevant project:

Membership is open to all eEG7 members and other invited experts as required.