Health Insurance Project Group


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The Health Insurance SMILe Project

The healthcare insurance-specific requirements consists of data elements, object classes and processes. In order to realise this we have done several projects during the last years with the following objectives:

With this we ensured on the one hand that the legacy insurance healthcare data not would remain 'proprietary' or become isolated from interoperable global standards. On the other hand we have created a basis to fully cover the business needs of European healthcare insurers by the SMILe Object Class Model and Data Dictionary.

The objective of actual and coming projects is to ensure that with the further development of the eEG7-SMILe-Model the necessary data will be included and can be used in a global and interoperable framework.

Actual Project

With the actual project we are going to develop the core components as well as data models and process models in the field of reimbursement of healthcare provider's settlements for private health insured patients.

The outcome of this project will then within a project at the UN/CEFACT Forum be included in the UN/CEFACT's Core Component Library.

Global Relationships

Participation by healthcare insurance experts who are required to bring forward their data requirements is welcome. For further details please contact the project convener, Mr. Andreas Schultz, GS4eB UG (limited liability), Germany.