Commercial Insurance Group


The Commercial Insurance project is analysing the needs of the European insurers in the area of commercial insurance business and is including these requirements to the eEG7 Object Class Model and Data Dictionary. This will ensure that future messages, that use the eEG7 model as a basis, will contain the necessary data and are useable in a global, interoperable environment.


For this project the scope of the commercial insurance business includes any kind of commercial sector (industry, agriculture, service sector) from self-employed persons to larger companies. Included are all lines of insurance: e.g. fire, storm, flood, business interruption, theft, liability, machinery, motor, transport.

Explicitly excluded and postponed to future projects are the requirements of very large commercial businesses, re-insurance, company life insurance, company pension and company healthcare insurance.

Commercial insurance requirements to the eEG7 Object Class Model and Data Dictionary are added by:


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Project convenor: Dr. Manuel Reimer, VDV, Germany.