Introduction to eEG7


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eEG7 - The e-Business Expert Group for Insurance

eEG7 is the European forum for the development of e-business standards for electronic communication in the insurance sector. The objective of eEG7 is to facilitate the transfer of information between policyholders, professional intermediaries (agents, brokers), insurers and other involved parties. eEG7 standards support the placing and administration of insurance contracts, claims handling and accounting.

eEG7 is one of the e-business Board for European Standardization (eBES) groups. As a consequence eEG7 restricts its activities to serve the European insurance sector and to represent it at the global standards level.

eEG7 is a forum open to

The open structure enables the participation of business orientated analysts and e-business professionals gathering the knowledge and requirements of all countries represented in eEG7.


eEG7 was set up in 1988 as part of the UN/EDIFACT organisation initiated by the UNECE. During the years until 1999 eEG7 developed a set of UN/EDIFACT messages covering the major business needs in the areas of policy administration, claims handling, accounting, and cargo insurance.

The development of message standards was based on data models which are the kernel of eEG7’s knowledge of information exchange between parties in the insurance sector.

With the evolution of new technologies (e.g. XML) and new modelling techniques (e.g. UML) eEG7 extended its mission in 1999 to include the development of standards for e-business requirements in any technology.


eEG7 is focussed on all lines of direct insurance business. Direct insurance in this context means that part of the insurance business covering the relationship between insurer(s) and insured(s), i.e. individuals, businesses, and other organisations or entities, irrespective the sales channel(s) used.

eEG7 is active in functional areas such as production (placing), policy administration, claims handling, accounting and statistics for personal lines and commercial business.


eEG7’s central deliverable is the eEG7 Repository consisting of: