Business Managaer's Introduction


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Why Standards? IT doesn‘t matter – business processes do!

The limits of in-house re-engineering are being reached. Today‘s challenge is the creation of cross-company processes and the harmonisation of electronic data interchange between various market participants. Meeting this challenge will provide new potentials of customer satisfaction and cost reduction in the era of internet. To realise deep and wide implementation of cross-company processes the use of standards is vital! Additionally, advancing globalisation requires international conventions for cross-border transactions.

Preparatory work is done ...

These standards were created by eEG7 for the European Insurance Industry and will be permanently maintained and enhanced. eEG7 Standards are the result of harmonization of the needs and requirements of the member countries described in their national conventions. This makes eEG7 standards the ideal basis for projects in the context of international process optimisation. The eEG7 standards offer the advantages of a reliable and demand-oriented data model, ready to use for all involved market participants ...